In February 2020 we went on an incredible trip to Bujosa Textil in Mallorca to see how the fabrics are made. We took Gloria Gonzalez of Directorio Deco with us; Gloria is Spanish and delights in all things produced by her fellow countrymen.

Maribel Bujosa and her family showed us around their property and where they dye the fabric, treat it with the correct colour for each Ikat or striped pattern and then weave it on a 19th century loom.  Prior to dying the yarn, the ikat pattern is put onto it by rubber tape being tied in the correct places; the pattern of each ikat put onto the yarn is an exceptionally skilled process and the knowledge of each pattern has come down through generations. 

It is in incredible process to see and one that makes us love the fabric even more; the attention to detail with the dying and weaving and the end product being this fantastic artisanal fabric with texture and depth is something to behold. 

 Terracotta Wave fabric being made on the loom by Bujosa

We bought this lovely fabric, Terracotta Wave (found in our Fabrics section) after seeing it being made. 

fabric being made by Bujosa

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