FACE MASK - CHILDREN'S SIZE (£5 of this will go to charity)

MEF103 £15.00

We are making masks from some of our Pigott's Store fabrics.  They are 100% cotton with elastic straps and 4 pleats, so when pulled open the mask extends up over the nose and down over the chin. 

These have a pocket at the bottom in which you can add your own filter (this can be more layers of cotton or we've also been recommended certain Hoover bags (cut to size) can be used) as well as a small pocket (accessibly through the larger pocket) in which a pipecleaner or small piece of garden wire can be inserted to ensure the part over the nose fits well. 

This is the children's size; it is 16cm long by 8cm wide, to fit approx ages 6 to 10 years old.  We can do smaller children's sizes: extra small for approx 4-7 year olds and tiny for under 4s.  These 2 small kids sizes can come with a strap for the back of the head to make the mask fit more securely.  To order one or for more information please contact annabel@themewsfurnishings.com .  

£5 of your purchase will go to Charity; this will either be MIND or Macmillan Cancer Support; please contact us if you would like more information.