The Mews Collaboration with Gloria Gonzalez

Three years ago, Gloria Gonzalez and Annabel from The Mews Fabrics & Furnishings went on a little trip to Mallorca. Annabel wanted to discover first-hand the traditional 'robas de llengues' (Mallorcan ikat) workshops and asked Gloria to join her.   Luckily for Annabel, Gloria can never say no to a little Spanish adventure! (Especially when it involves fabrics, craftsmanship, and all the good things that this beautiful island has to offer). Since then, Annabel has worked closely with these workshops and distributed these colourful textiles in the UK.
After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing on emails, video calls and quick meetings, Annabel and Gloria decided on some designs for a cushion collection of three cushions - Palma, Deia and Soller- handcrafted with @textilbujosa beautiful fabrics.
Earlier this year, Gloria and Annabel went again to our beloved Mallorca.
The beautiful pictures of the collection were taken at @pickettshouse Amanda's dreamy Deia home and this -not much planned- photoshoot happened with @iaiacocoiphotography capturing the beauty of these designs perfectly.
Bujosa is a magical family run mill - the designs are woven in 19th-century looms following traditional techniques. Maribel, her dad Guillermo and the Bujosa family are doing an incredible job preserving the traditional ikat textile from the Balearic island. 
Available through the Mews website, these designs are a homage to the island, the craftsmanship and Annabel and Gloria's shared passion for Spain.

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