The Mews was conceived and created by Annabel Haan, a devotee of all things bright and beautiful: 

“I have always loved colour and pattern on almost any object - a flower, a bowl, a sofa, beach umbrellas in the sand - and after 18 years of working in property in London's West End, I realised I needed to fulfill my passion of dealing with the interiors rather than the exteriors of buildings.  

I get immense pleasure in sourcing and sharing items to make a house a home.  Our homes are our sanctuaries, full of comfort and small pleasures, and they are also a reflection of our own personal style.  I hope I have found some products and textiles that will not only bring colour and comfort to your home but will also be a reflection of things you love as well.  

I have sourced items from companies and people I know and highly respect, whose products bring serious quality and style as well as unique designs - each product is hand-picked for your home.  I don't trade in things that are mass produced and try to find items that are as "naturally" produced as possibly, without leaving a big carbon footprint. 

For those who are wondering The Mews actually stands for the 3 most important girls in my life: Mary, Eleanor (nickname Nell) and Winnie.  And the cockerel is from the most important and amazing man in my life (Haan means cockerel in Dutch although John, my husband, is not Dutch!).”


A word about the products we source:

Our own BLOCK PRINT collection

How can you not love hand-block printing? Those simple and beautiful motifs that are repeated with reassuring regularity and such dexterity to create something special in our crazy world.  Some of the Indian designs have been around for centuries and the longevity of these designs and the enduring quality of the very fine cotton is something that I find irresistible.

During the first lockdown in 2020, realising that travel to India would be extremely difficult going forward, we got in touch with a fantastic artisan block printer in Jaipur, India, and tasked him with creating some unique tablelinen designs for The Mews.  After quite a bit of to-ing and fro-ing over email, airmail and WhatsApp, we picked eight designs and colourways and launched our collection of tablecloths and napkins in October 2020 - Kelpie, Meadow, Starflower and Fanfair - and we hope you love them as much as we do. 

Starflower tablecloth

We've just added a new colourway of navy to the Starflower range and some other exciting new designs and homeware items are planned very soon. 



Pigott’s Store is a destination interiors shop in Sydney, Australia.  Established in 1995 by Nano Sefton, who has impeccable taste, the shop stocks an enviable range of beautiful products.  Nano has designed her own range of Indian hand blocked printed patterns which are exclusively printed and coloured for Pigott’s Store.  The patterns are used for fabrics, quilts with matching pillowcases, tablecloths and napkins, dresses, tops, nighties, sponge bags in 100% soft Indian Cotton and are also transferred to melamine to create beautiful trays and waste bins.  

The Mews currently stocks a selection of Pigott’s Store items.  Other items are available from the Pigott’s Store website www.pigottstore.com.au as they ship worldwide.   The shop also stock a changing range of furnishings, lamp bases and shades, throws, cushions, rattan ware, embroidered bed linen and accessories sold only in store, for which you will have to book a flight to Sydney but it's well worth it!

The picture above shows me (on the right) with Nano Sefton of Pigott's Store. 


We source fabric from three separate companies in Mallorca, all of whom use traditional techniques to create beautiful ikats and stripes.  Annabel was completely drawn to these when she was introduced to them by a Spanish friend - the colours are second to none combined with the beautiful texture of linen and cotton mix make them wonderful fabrics. 

We make up exclusive cushions in these fabrics and also sell them by the meter. 

 Bujosa mill in making

 Bujosa fabrics


A well-dressed table in a thing of beauty and given our love of tablelinen we wanted to add some delicious plates that complimented our collection.  The Spanish Ceramics we have sourced, from a wonderful make in Andalucía, are traditional in design and shape; we love the large lebrillo (bowl) especially.  

The pieces work equally well on a table, on a dresser or hung on a wall (we use the magic yellow discs for hanging, readily available on Amazon or in hardware shops).